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Bill Robbins

Bill Robbins, President & Founder, RubberForm Recycled Products, Lockport, New York.  RubberForm is Bill’s third start-up business; he started his career producing corporate media for Fortune 1,000 corporations.  In the mid-nineties Bill started another company, a software firm that developed an interactive portal based software solution.  This experience led him to a position at IBM where he worked for 7 years before he founded RubberForm in 2005.  RubberForm manufactures products primarily out of scrap tire crumb rubber and plastic.  Bill is writing the book on this industry as very little has been done with molding recycled tire rubber.  RubberForm produces products for six vertical markets, parking lot and road safety, construction, industrial, home improvement, transportation safety and marine and is the industry leader in many of these markets selling product worldwide.  Bill earned a Bachelors degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology.