Redmond Clark, PhD

CEO, CBL Industrial Services

Dr Redmond (Red) Clark is the chairman and president of CBL Industrial Services, a group of companies providing a range of manufactured chemistries, technical support and heavy equipment for use in a number of national and international industrial applications.  Red has a PhD in the environmental sciences.  During a 40 year career, he has served as a university professor, a consulting engineer, director of a state environmental management program, and president/director of a number of chemical manufacturing and service companies operating in both domestic and international markets.  He has served on a number of industry trade association technical and policy development committees and has authored more than two hundred publications and presentations over the course of his career.  Dr. Clark has provided testimony and technical consulting support on a number of economic, trade and engineering issues for a range of national and international governments and industrial clients.

Dr. Clark is currently president of Asphalt Plus, a company working to expand the cost-efficient use of recycled tire rubber in asphalt.