Samuel G. Bonasso

Samuel G. Bonasso, , is an experienced civil engineer and businessman.  He has worked and traveled in 48 of the United States, North America, China and Western Europe.  His over fourty year construction industry career spans public works, forensics, public service and invention.  He is a professional engineer and has been a licensed general contractor.  Engineering projects include bridges, ski lifts and cable cars, highways and land use.   He is an adjunct professor of civil engineering at WVU College of Engineering.  He served publically as West Virginia Secretary of Transportation and as the Deputy Administrator, Research and Special Programs Administration US DOT, Washington, DC with responsibility for the Office of Pipeline Safety and the Office of Hazardous Materials Safety (PHMSA.) and the Research and Innovative Technology Administration. He is the inventor of Mechanical Concrete® and founder and president of Reinforced Aggregates Company.  He lives in Morgantown, WV with his wife Nancy.